• The picture shows tortoise shell nets.
  •  The picture shows metal hex grid.

Metal Hex Grid and Flex Metal Refractory Lining

Refractories are material having high melting points, with properties that make them suitable to act as heat-resisting barriers between high and low temperature zones. Refractories are useful in constructing application- specific high temperature areas or surfaces, particularly in furnaces or boilers, as they minimize heat losses through structure.

Lining refers to permanent support structure that to prevent deformation or collapse of surrounding rock. It is the construction of reinforced concrete and other materials that builds along the surrounding of tunnel body.

Refractory lining is also called refractory furnace lining.

We provide refractory lining products of hex metal refractory lining and flex metal refractory lining. They are both flexible, mesh grating used in reinforcing linings, floors and any cement structures needing added support.


  • Hex metal refractory lining is ideal for lining ducts, furnaces, reactor vessels, cyclones, flue gas lines and other high temperature equipment of virtually any shape.
  • Typical applications of flex metal refractory furnace lining include air distributors, fan cases and all plants where the practicality of free rolling material is beneficial to maintenance activities.

Hot products

Hexagonal cellular mesh dimensions, material and quantity are presented below:

  • - 1" /14 g mat 405 (410S) 50 mm × 25 mm × 2 mm.
  • - ¾"/14 g mat 405 (410S) 50 mm × 19 mm × 2 mm.
  • - fittings 204 1"/14 g 304H.

Hex mesh TP304H 25 mm thick for apply on refinery welded to the walls of a cyclone.

There is a photo about various types of hex metal.

Hot Products

Flex Metal Refractory Lining

Hex metal and flex metal refractory linings are both used in reinforcing linings, floors and any cement structures needing added support.

Hex Metal & Flex Metal Anchors

We supply all types of Hex Metal & Flex Metal Anchors, and our refractory anchor includes studs, V-clips, C-clips, and miscellaneous parts.

Tortoise Shell Mesh

Tortoise shell meshes have big mud claws, which is widely applied as fixing of lining of heat resistant material. Tortoise mesh is also named Steel Hex Metal, Hex Grid Metal.

Many hex metal cells.

Product features of refractory lining

  • Good insulation performances, lining tight uniform density, small energy consumption.
  • High-intensity, low high-temperature liquid metal slag and anti-erosion ability, alloying elements on the high yield.
  • Good insulation performances.
  • High sintering speed and good corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, when the shutdown of smaller crack, high crack healing ability.
  • Construction of simple and labor intensity of small, efficient operating environment.