Tortoise Shell Mesh

Tortoise shell nets.

High-temperature shells Net hole or screen is like as the shell of a turtle, So called Turtle shell mesh, tortoise shell net, tortoise shell mesh and tortoise mesh. The shape like Hex, For Used to Petrochemical, power and cement Industry, have Petro-Wire & Steel Hex Metal, Hex Grid Metal named.

Tortoise shell nets have big mud claws, which is widely applied as fixing of lining of heat resistant material. The operation procedure of tortoise shell net is to tack up the mesh by welding to the inner wall of boiler or hot wind pipes, then to smear heat-resistant materials.

Material: Carbon steel 0Cr13, 1Cr13, 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Stainless steel 304 \ 304 L \ 316 \ 316 L \ 310 s.


  • Hole distance: 2 cm - 6 cm.
  • Mesh thickness: 1 cm - 2.5 cm.
  • Panel thickness: 1 mm - 3 mm.
  • Mesh size: 30 mm \ 40 mm \ 48 mm \ 50 mm \ 60 mm \ 80 mm \ 100 mm.
  • Connection Type: Inner buckle lock riveting \ outer buckle lock riveting.


  1. High wear resistance \ high temperature \ corrosion resistance.
  2. Strong Thermal state impact ability.
  3. Good mechanical processing performance.
  4. Used in about 1300 °C.
  5. High weldability \ long lifetime \ easy to install.

Special Handling: Anti rust coating surface treatment \ 100kingurface trash removal Anti rust coating processing.

Packing: Wooden pallet \ steel pallet.

Advantages of Tortoise Shell Meshes:

It's has a hexagonal meshes and large mud claws, significantly enhanced the anchorage capacity and lining materials. Effectively enhance the performance of lining materials, the link itself, can easily control the heat insulation layer from the skin and the shedding phenomenon, to improve the combination of lining material fastness.


  • Tortoise Shell Mesh has gotten extensive application in chemical industry, petroleum, power generation, etc. Tortoise Shell Mesh is welded on cyclone dust collector or on the inside wall of the cylinder, poured refractory material. it is a hexagonal hole mesh, with bar steel pressed and punched, three are small holes in every border for refractory material inter flowing between the holes. The refractory material does not fall off to blockading the discharge hole.
  • Tortoise shell net is widely used in large device in petroleum chemical industry, especially the main part for equipment of catalyst structure, it can enhance the lining's quality in abrasion resistance and strength, wear-resisting by using tortoise-shell net. General part use carbon steel (A3F) tortoise-shell net for reinforcement, such as reactor and a secondary cyclone separator and u-shaped tube regenerators; High temperature parts use alloy (1Cr13) tortoise-shell net for reinforcement, for example regenerators and a secondary cyclone separator place.

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